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You want to get the most from your investment. We can help. HomeWe keep properties profitable for years at a time with a rigorous tenant selection process. Using a 12-step screening process we easily identify and eliminate problem renters long before they get to your property. Our proactive approach to tenant selection is how we keep your investment profitable and secure your income for years at a time.


See How Our Stress-Free Multi-Family Property Management Works

Managing a multi-family unit is exhausting. You know this. Every tenant has a different need all the time, and you cannot remember the last weekend you had to yourself. We can help. Delwin Realty can run your multi-family from start to finish. We can find and place qualified tenants, handle leasing, maintenance, and if needed evictions. Stop wasting energy, time, and resources serving as an operation manager-let us lighten your load. How?

Delwin Realty will act on your behalf. We will lift the burden of managing a multi-family on the side by taking your day-to-day operations on. The best part is our highly trained team provides courteous and efficient service which keeps costs low, tenants happy, and your property profitable for years at a time, here is how.


Our Cooperative Housing Property Management Style Releases the Stress of Managing a Co-op 

There are so many possibilities for living arrangements once you move out on your own. You can decide to live alone or with one or more roommates. You can share space in a house or an apartment. Another option, that has been around longer than you may think, is buying into or renting within cooperative housing.

Co-opUnlike all these other options, people who buy into a co-op become members and own a share or piece of the entire building. It is a unique way to buy into a property that is often more affordable than buying a condo or home.

Here at Delwin Realty we do the leg work and educate you on how Co-ops work. In most cases people who join into Cooperatives tend to not know the rules and guidelines that Co-ops have. It is also a big investment. As a renter, living in a co-op creates a different, more communal atmosphere that you may not find elsewhere.